In the video below has multiple subs attached.
We want to help people find the Truth and hopefully you are too. Thats why we think subtitles and translations are very important to the good videos that can be found in internet. Here is one: you want to improve subtitles or make more of them you are most welcome to do so. If you find errors leave your comment here.
To make new translations, the best method is to use subtitling programs. I recommend “subtitle edit”. Then you also need to have a reference file where the timings are most accurate. Forexamlepe in this video you should use the finnish subs as referense and change it into your language. Stripping subtitle from youtube to .srt-file can be done several ways. Using small program called Google2SRT might be the easist way. And then use subtitle edit to edit it into your language.
This is the best way I recommend. Then just sent us some info here at didymus(at) or ask your questions in the comments section.